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Attention architects and designers!

Attention architects and designers! When it comes to finding the right integrator for your projects, it’s crucial to look beyond the self-promotion and focus on their approach. Many integrators make the mistake of boasting about their services without emphasizing their process or showing respect for their trade partners. But here’s the thing: a successful integrator needs to understand and think like the people they collaborate with.

Many architects we worked with aren’t necessarily interested in the technical aspects of audio, video, or controls. They often assume that their clients don’t care about these details either. However, the truth is that technology is becoming an integral part of every home, regardless of whether the client is a self-proclaimed “techie” or not. At the very least, homes need to be prewired, equipped with a network, reliable Wi-Fi, and often a security or surveillance system.

So, instead of focusing on the technical jargon, skilled integrators should present themselves as a solution provider for their client’s technology needs. They should convey the message that no matter how simple or complex the requirements are, they can help design and incorporate the necessary technology seamlessly into your plans. Moreover, they should assure you that they will prioritize aesthetics and involve you in decisions regarding any visible technology elements in the structure or interior.

This inclusive approach resonates well with our trade partners because it acknowledges their expertise and involves them in the process. By choosing an integrator who values collaboration and understands the importance of considering both technical functionality and aesthetic appeal, you can ensure the successful integration of technology in your architectural designs. Remember, technology is no longer an afterthought but an essential part of modern living spaces, and finding an integrator who recognizes this will greatly benefit your projects.