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Best Sound of Show [AXPONA 2024] Credo Audio, Emm Labs and Van den Hul

The "Best Sound of Show" at AXPONA 2024 "If we want to get into the whole sound of the show then I think this room hit that spot for me at AXPONA 2024."

The “Best Sound of Show” at AXPONA 2024

“What does that even mean?” you may ask. It’s when someone walks through a hi-fi show like AXPONA, listens to tons of setups, and picks their favorite. In this instance, that someone is none other than the esteemed expert in the industry, Stuart Smith of Hifipig.com, who crowned our room. Yet, while such accolades mean the world to us, we understand they may hold little significance for other individuals. After all, hi-fi is inherently subjective, influenced by personal tastes, styles, and budgets.

Still, we’re very proud of our track record. Year after year, we put together top-notch audio systems at hi-fi events, overcoming the most challenging circumstances and earning recognition and testimonials from industry professionals.

This year at AXPONA 2024, our room was, again, on point. Despite unveiling a new stereo amplifier, the outstanding MTRS by Emm Labs, everything sounded balanced and spot on. Not only does the experience of previous shows or our almost 50 years in this industry make a difference. The team was very dialed in as well, with a great vibe and professional approach every minute of this event.

Big thanks to Stuart and Linette of HiFiPig.com, and my whole team, for their support.

Now, let’s talk sound.

Stuart Smith HiFi Pig

“If we want to get into the whole sound of the show then I think this room hit that spot for me at AXPONA 2024. You can see the brands involved on the backdrop but the Credo Cinema LTM speakers paired with Emm Labs Amps and pre really did it for me with a tight but full sound that I went back to several times during the show. Emm Labs promoted this on their Instagram account as being an unforgettable experience, and it was.”

Stuart Smith

Axpona 2024 Best Sound Of Show Team