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Part Time Audiophile - Reviewers Choice Award - Credo EV Reference ONE

Reviewers Choice Award – EV Reference ONE | REVIEW

After a short listen to the Credo EV Reference One driven by some stunning Meitner electronics, I was down for a review. The speakers sounded great and it was clear to me, from talking to Michael, that he knows more than a thing or two about speaker design. Dave McNair - parttimeaudiophile.com
Review SPL Performer s1200

SPL Performer s1200 Power Amplifier | REVIEW

The finest speaker match I found, however, was with the next pair of two-way monitors to grace my listening room—the Credo EV 350 Reference monitors. I don’t want to give away too much about the Credos yet. Most audiophile bookshelf speakers must sound “big for their size” in order to compete in today’s marketplace, a point I’ve made repeatedly, but the EV 350s blow that distribution curve to bits. Marc Phillips - SPL Performer s1200 review

David Blumenstein | EV 900 Ref. REVIEW

Color me shocked as to how these relatively diminutive floor-standers (Credo EV 900 Ref) with their no-nonsense appearance could consistently sound this good across so many music genres. David Blumenstein - dagogo.com


Credo Audio schreibt sich «Handmade in Switzerland» auf die Fahnen. Dass das kein leerer Spruch ist, davon hat sich AUDIO SWISS beim Besuch in Aesch überzeugt.