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Video: Shop Tour - "where are the LTM's"?

Video: Shop Tour – “Where are the LTM’s”?

Michael Lavorgna's experience with the EMM Labs / Credo Cinema LTM system was truly exceptional, with its unique ability to convey crystal-clear clarity, seamless presence, and a profound, engaging connection to music, transforming his listening space into a limitless, awe-inspiring musical landscape. The system's impact surpassed his expectations, creating a deeply moving and immersive experience, and highlighting the system's remarkable balance between micro-level detail and macro-level impact. Are you ready to hear the Credo "Cinema LTM" speaker system? Contact us and we will arrange a listening-session in our showroom.
Video: Shop Tour - "The Lab"

Video: Shop Tour – “The Lab”

Let me show you where, and how we listen to music. Highlighting our analog equipment in "The Lab" at Credo Audio Switzerland. The VPI "Avenger reference" turntable with two 12" tonearms, Van den Hul cartridges and "The Grail" phono. EmmLabs "PRE" and "DA2" plus the "NS-1" streamer.