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EV 350 Ref.

Space should not be a limiting factor when you want to enjoy your music. Compact or bookshelf speakers often come with unacceptable compromises, that is why we created the EV 350 Ref. This is our latest model of the EV series introduced 2019.


EV 900 Ref.

Sustainability, uncompromising sound quality and longevity play a role as well as our principle: “Less can be more“. No model represents this philosophy better than our EV 900 Ref. It is designed for medium-sized rooms with short- to medium- listening distance.


EV 1202 Ref.

Compared to the smaller EV 900 Ref, the EV 1202 is designed for medium- to large- listening-rooms. Offering even less distortion, with punchy and controlled bass even at high SPL. Still being a slim and elegant high-end speaker.

Credo Audio Switzerland EV Reference ONE speaker

EV Reference ONE

This is our latest and top of the „EV-series“ model, the Reference ONE. Michael Kraske developed this model around the idea of a wide-band, closed cabinet speaker. Knowing about the tonal balance and richness that a full-range speaker can reproduce, not willing to accept the lack of bass and presence of high percentage of distortion.

Credo Audio Switzerland Cinema LTM

Cinema LTM

Designed to impress – LTM stands for “La Tour Maubourg”. This was the project name for a very special job that we were allowed to carry out in Paris. For a gigantic audio system that meets the highest sound requirements, it was necessary to develop and build loudspeaker systems that can be described as uncompromising in every aspect.