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EV 350 Ref.

Space should not be a limiting factor when you want to enjoy your music. Compact or bookshelf speakers often come with unacceptable compromises, that is why we created the EV 350 Ref. This is our latest model of the EV series introduced 2019.

Michael Kraske developed this model with all his experience of designing high-performance monitoring-speakers. Knowing about the benefits of an accurate tool for mixing and mastering and the goal to create speaker that let’s your music bloom. Balance and richness that a full-range speaker can reproduce, not willing to accept the lack of bass and presence of high percentage of distortion.

So the paper-cone, symmetrical drive mid-woofer is accompanied by a 1“ tweeter. The mid-woofers sliced- cone prevents effectively cone breakups, so it is playing from 37 Hz and blending over gently to the tweeter, protected by a high-pass filter. As always with Credo Audio speakers, we achieved linear impedance and a good efficiency, making it an easy load for amplifiers.

Credo EV 350 Ref. Specifications

  • Tweeter: 1″ soft-textile-dome, Double Ferrite Magnet;
  • Mid-Woofer: 5.5“ sliced paper cone, large ferrite magnet symmetrical-drive
  • Tuning: Bass reflex (back)
  • Crossover: 2-way proprietary filter-design
  • Frequency response: 44 Hz – 20 kHz, +/- 3dB
  • Roll-off: 44 Hz -2dB, 40 Hz -4dB, 37 Hz -10dB
  • Sensitivity: 84 dB @ 2.83V @ 1m
  • Linear impedance: nominal 4 Ω, min. 3.2 Ω @ 44 Hz; max. 10 Ω @ 1.2 kHz
  • Recommended amplifier: 50 W RMS
  • Not including the “isolation-stand” (learn more…)
  • Weight: 8.5 kg p.p. without packing
  • Size:(HxDxW): 35cm x 22cm x 18cm
  • Hand-crafted by Credo Audio Switzerland

In my notes, I wrote “fabulous,” which is not one of my usual words for describing gear.

Marc Phillips – parttimeaudiophile.com
Credo Audio EV Reference ONE award

I really tried to push the Credos and find out their fatal flaw. They didn’t wimp out during a handful of Tool/System of a Down listening sessions by hardening up in the treble or breaking up in the low frequencies, although I tend not to listen at eviction-prompting levels. These speakers kept up with me and did everything I wanted them to do. I can’t think of one time where I wanted something different to happen to my music.

Instead, I tend to place the emphasis on whether I would buy a particular hi-fi component for myself. If I was at a high-end audio store, listening to a product, would I pull out the credit card? The list of those products, for me, is a far shorter one, and the Credo EV 350 Reference qualifies. To paraphrase an old audio buddy, if someone handed me a pair of the EV 350s and told me those were the only speakers I could ever listen to for the rest of my life I’d say okay, thanks!

Marc Phillips