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Hear from our customers: EV 1202 Ref.

Please accept my hearty praise and appreciation for such a fine loudspeaker design.  They are among the most exceptional floor-standing speakers I’ve ever heard, debatably at any price, and unquestionably in terms of a compact footprint.  I’ve only had a couple more hours of listening time since bringing them home and setting them up.  They likely will need some spatial adjustment and break-in time to be at their best.  But literally just out of the crate and placed in the same space as my old speakers, they are a huge upgrade in sound quality for my system.  I am especially enamored of the sweet warmth in the midrange without any sacrifice of high end clarity or low end bass extension.  They are stunning performers in 90% of my music tastes (Folk, Prog Rock, Classic Rock, Blues, Jazz), and excellent in the remaining 10% (Heavy Metal). I have yet to put them through any Classical listening repertoire, but I’m looking forward to it.  I anticipate exceptional performance in that genre as well.

Edward W.


Credo EV 1202 Ref. Oak showroom