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Show report [CAF 2022] – Credo Audio and Linear Tube Audio

Show report CAF 2022 - Credo Audio and Linear Tube Audio. With a total of 90 rooms packed with all types of Hifi Gear, there was a lot to check out and listen to.

Anton Wyler, who is writing for the “HiFi Chicken” released his Top 5 rooms of Capital Audiofest [CAF 2022].

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3rd place – Linear Tube Audio, Credo Audio Switzerland

If you are looking for a sleeper system it is this one right here. This unassuming setup consists of Credo EV 1202 Ref, a pair of LTA ZOTL40 Reference+ Power amps, MicroZOTL Preamp, and a Meitner Integrated DAC. When I walked into the room I was looking for a subwoofer, I couldn’t believe the power and presence coming from the relatively small Credo speakers. The detail was spectacular, high frequencies were airy and light, with a superb midrange and reaching low into the bass tones. The sound came across as fairly balanced with a touch of warmth.