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Show reports: Credo Audio at AXPONA 2024

If we want to get into the whole sound of the show then I think this room hit that spot for me at AXPONA 2024. You can see the brands involved on the backdrop but the Credo Cinema LTM speakers paired with Emm Labs Amps and pre really did it for me with a tight but full sound that I went back to several times during the show. Emm Labs promoted this on their Instagram account as being an unforgettable experience, and it was.

Stuart Smith

Stuart Smith HiFi Pig
pta parttimeaudiophile

In terms of sound, the AudioShield Distribution room is always a winner, especially when centered around a pair of Credo LTM Cinema line array speakers ($200K/pair).

This time, for some reason, the entire system sounded even bigger, clearer and more natural. Thanks to AudioShield Distribution, I can now start longing for the Credo EV 1202s with renewed vigor. And EMM Labs and Meitner.

Marc Phillips

Driven by an EMM Labs amp, the $200k Credo Audio Switzerland Cinema LTM multicone line-array transducer with side-firing woofers was extremely lovely sounding on LP—soft gentle treble, glorious midrange, and deep though softish bass.

Jonathan Valin

Jonathan Valin TAS
Carlo Lo Raso hometheaterhifi.com

This room was sponsored by Audioshield Distribution and had a similar makeup as last year with the big Credo Cinema LTM line arrays ($200K per pair) along with the more “normal” EV1202 Reference speakers ($17K).

The raft of electronics were from EMM Labs, Meitner, Vanden Hul, and Dr. Feikert. The big line arrays were, of course, impressive but I really liked the Smaller EV1202 Reference. They had a sense of completeness to their sound.

Carlo Lo Raso