Our Location

Industriestrasse 111
4147 Aesch

We are at “T.H.E. SHOW”

From June 10th until 12th we exhibit at “The Home Entertainment Show” in Long Beach CA.

Our California dealer “Audio Chamber” and distributor “Audioshield” have put together a very nice audio system. The turntable is a VPI Industries “PrimeSignature”. The phono section is all Van den Hul with a ” The Frog Gold” cartridge and “The Grail” preamp. The Meitner “MA-3” is the DAC, Streamer and Preamp. Surrounded by “Moon by Simaudio” and BAT amplification.

Speakers are the “EV 1202 Ref” (custom shop) and a pair of “EV 350 Ref.”