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Industriestrasse 111
4147 Aesch

Handmade in Switzerland

You will hear the music as it was meant to be by the musician and recording-engineer. As if you were there, in the studio or a live concert. Listen into the music – without fatiguing.

Credo Audio offers HiFi speakers that are designed to make the music sound as if you’re in the studio or at a live concert. Our products are tailored to music lovers, providing great sound quality with a subtle and modest design. Reach your dream audio- and home-cinema system, thanks to our passion and love for music.

Michael Kraske

Product Designer & CEO


Reach Your Dream

The passion and love for music is what motivates us and what defines the performance-goal of our products. But also the joy for demanding and exclusive design. We meet the request for speakers that are subtle and modest, that will blend in perfectly into your environment.

Jason Serinus - stereophile.com about Credo Audio Cinema LTM speakers.

Another Wow from Credo Audio Switzerland

I was awed by the midrange beauty of Sarah Barreles’s voice on a 24/88.2 file of “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.” The recorded sound of this live performance seemed uncannily real, and the soundstage was awesome.

Jason Victor Serinus



It’s a shame my Florida Audio Expo weekend was wrapping up here, as this was one of my favourite sounding exhibit rooms of the show. I would have stayed longer and brought along a few industry friends to gloat about what I had found.

Terry Eringi – Florida Audio Expo 2020