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Engineering as an art form

High-End HiFi is part of my life ever since I was born. My parents founded the company more than 40-years ago. We always had a shop in Basel. I always loved to be in the shop, comparing the products and building speakers.
I played the cello and was a part of an orchestra at school. But before I started my profession in HiFi, I spent a few years in recording studios with mixing and mastering. I am fascinated by the recording production process. It is very remarkable when you can bring together musicians, creative energy and recording production technology to assemble the production of recorded music. My technical understanding of playback technology helped during the recordings. I still do recordings and mastering for Naïve Records and the Boubo-Music Foundation in Switzerland (https://www.boubomusic.com).

Even with my life-long experience in music reproduction, these years working with recording engineers helped me so much to understand the craftsmanship and art of recorded music. It motivated me to pick-up again speaker- design. I saw and heard the gap between a good and a maxed-out design. Something my father always strives for. The loudspeaker may appear simple to the eye, but until all possible filter and chassis options were tested and the timing was right, the product wasn’t ready.

Because in this way we create products of great value for music lovers. And this is where the engineering background mainly came from, my Dad and the engineers and designers working for Credo Audio. Today I do design and R&D (drivers are developed externally to specs), acoustical simulations, filter design, CAD and CAM for our CNC mills.

Michael Kraske

CEO, Director

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