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Cinema LTM

Designed to impress – Experience music like never before with the Credo Cinema LTM Speakers! Get ready to be immersed in an incredible audio experience with crystal clear sound, deep and powerful bass, and a wide soundstage that will make you feel like you’re in the recording studio. Hand-crafted in Switzerland by renowned designer Michael Kraske and crafted with the help of state-of-the-art machines and a lot of manual work, these sleek and modern speakers are perfect for any living space where great design meets architecture – a place to enjoy life and music. Don’t miss out – get in touch with us now to experience the power of the Credo Cinema LTM Speakers! Let the music take you away with this incredible listening experience!

The “Cinema LTM” is a passive filtered 3-way floor-standing speaker, with line-array technology. Each speaker comes with 32 ring radiator tweeters. A textile membrane with a diameter of 22 mm was installed in a special, extremely compact housing with neodymium drive. This allowed us to mount the tweeters extremely close to each other, which is absolutely essential for a high-performance line array. The distance is only 0.7 mm.

The fourteen high-end mid-woofers feature a 4″ Kevlar diaphragm and a low-loss drive with neodymium magnets. We use our proprietary high-pass filters, so they play at very low-distortion even at high SPL and down to 100 Hz.

In addition, four passive 12 “subwoofers with almost 60 mm stroke are installed per loudspeaker.

Thanks to our proprietary crossovers, the unique 4″ mid-woofer and the special tweeter design, we were able to create a loudspeaker with incredible dynamic range, whose distortion values ​​are extremely low.

Incidentally, unlike similar systems, it is easily possible to use virtually any high-end amplifier. Since the speaker is quite efficient and the impedance curve extremely linear, less powerful high-end amplifiers can be used.

Credo Cinema LTM Specifications

  • Three way floor-standing speakers
  • Line Array Enclosures: Sealed, mid-woofer & tweeter separated (optimized for low-compression)
  • Subwoofer: Sealed (optimized for low-compression)
  • Vibration-decoupled to the ground
  • Tweeter: 32 x 22 mm coated textile dome, neodymium magnet
  • Midwoofer: 14 x 4″ fiber-glass cone (coated), neodymium magnet, low-loss suspension & drive
  • Subwoofer: 4 x 12 “aluminum cone, double ferrite magnet, 60 mm stroke
  • Crossover: Passive proprietary 3-way filters, coils: Mundorf CFC air-core, capacitors: Mundorf MCap Supreme EVO
  • Crossovers are mounted vibration-decoupled
  • Handmade by Credo Audio Switzerland
  • Tuning: Closed (optimized for low-compression)
  • Frequency response: 16 Hz – 20 kHz, +/- 2.5dB
  • Bassroll-off:20Hz@0dB/15Hz@-2.5dB/14Hz@-10dB
  • Efficiency: 85.5 dB @ 2.83V @ 1kHz @ 1m
  • Linear impedance: nominal 8 ohms, minimum 3.8 ohms at 10 kHz, max 9.1 ohms @ 200 Hz •
  • Recommended amplifier power: For 95 dB at 1 m distance: 18 W
  • Recommended amplifier power: For 95 dB at 4 m distance: 100 – 300 W RMS
  • Weight: 155 kg (342 lb.) p.p. without packing
  • Size:(HxDxW): 187 cm x 70 cm x 27 cm(73.6 x 27.5 x 10.6″) incl. isolationfeet

This system provides as clear-eyed a view onto the sonic proceedings as I’ve ever heard. I’m talking about the clearest crystal clear clarity, completely effortless and unrestrained startling dynamics, fully formed and completely controlled bass response, with each and every last ounce of sonic minutiae, something Dalt seems to adore, presented with 3 dimensional voice. This system puts Dalt’s vocals solidly out in front and center stage, with as clear cut a form as I’ve heard from any system. In some ways, this kind of sound sculpting in space reminds me of the best aspects of a single driver speaker, which can excel at presence. Which is kind of funny since the Cinema LTM are as far from a single driver as you can get.

Michael Lavorgna

Jason Serinus - stereophile.com about Credo Audio Cinema LTM speakers.

Another Wow from Credo Audio Switzerland, EMM Labs, Meitner Audio, VPI

I was awed by the midrange beauty of Sarah Barreles’s voice on a 24/88.2 file of “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.” The recorded sound of this live performance seemed uncannily real, and the soundstage was awesome.

Jason Victor Serinus