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Handgefertigt in der Schweiz

Miles B. Astor - Bericht über die Cinema LTM

VPI was hosting their annual dealer get together this weekend and Mat kindly extended an invitation to drop by on the final day. Several interesting systems were on display including the big, line array Creedo speakers from Switzerland.

The BIG system was headlined by the Creedo speakers from Switzerland and capably supported by Meitner Electronics (including Ed’s 1 kW, $85k monoblocks), VPI's new, super direct drive Vanquish table with 14-inch arm and vdh Crimson cartridge plus power supply and phonostage and Nordost cabling. The tonearm’s internal wiring runs uninterrupted from the cartridge pins to a LEMO connector into the phonostage.

This is the best I've heard these Swiss speakers and light years better than their presentations at Axpona last year. Jarre's Equinoxe was superbly rendered and was just a musical kaleidoscope painted on a huge three dimensional canvas . Fast, transparent and clean characterize these speakers. There was simply no exaggeration with either the violin or piano on Brahm's Sonata #1. Voices floated in the air on the AudioNautes reissue of the Proprius recording Now the Green Blade Riseth. The low end demonstrated some real startle factor and kick ass quality on the Ed Graham D2D disc.



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