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What our customers have to say: EV 1202 Ref.

They are extraordinary speakers. I was very impressed with them. They throw an enormous sound stage with pinpoint imaging. I was equally impressed with their detail and deep base extension for such a small footprint. I have listened to 5 other speakers in a similar price range; Devore Fidelity: Gibbon X, Super Nines, Sonus Faber: Olympica Nova III, Electa Amator III, and ProAc: D30 RS. The EV1202 Ref. bested them all for all around performance. They were voiced a bit darker than all the others, seeming to have a lower tonality/pitch. I think that was due to the 1 in. Silk Dome Tweeter. All the other speakers I’ve heard so far employed a 1/2 in., 3/4 in. or a Ribbon Tweeter (in the ProAc’s). But, I did not find the EV 1202’s darker voice less appealing. In fact, I think for long-term listening, they will be less fatiguing and more enjoyable. The only weakness I found with them was in the listening location, the “sweet spot” so to speak. The listening position in Tim’s room was best in about a 1 sq. meter area. If I stood up and moved around the room, the base clarity suffered a bit. The ProAc D30’s had a bigger “sweet spot” for listening. Aside from that, the EV1202’s were just simply better in all respects.

Ed W.

Chicago, USA